Waterbirth pools for birthing centers,
hospitals, and home birth parents

What are the beneifts of water birth?
Waterbirth Solutions

Every baby deserves a gentle birth experience. Waterbirth Solutions provides birthing pools and water birth supplies and equipment for use in birthing centers, hospitals, or the home. 

Waterbirth Solutions director Maria Althouse, consulted with Barbara Harper for her extensive knowledge of water birth and gentle birth choices before designing birthing poolsand other water birth supplies. Althouse knew working closely with a gentle birth expert would ensure she manufactured and sold top-quality birthing pools and equipment. 

Birth centers, hospitals, and parents planning a home water birth can choose from inflatable birthing pools and specially designed birthing pools for installation. 

Whether you want a birthing pool for home birth or plan to use one at the birthing center or hospital, there are numerous benefits of this gentle birth choice for birth mothers and babies. Birthing pools:

  • Boost the connection between mother and baby through a gentler birth experience.

  • Improve blood flow to the uterine muscles, which can reduce the need for pain medication.
  • Lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety for a more relaxing birth experience.
  • Shorten labor by allowing freedom of movement for birth mothers.


Do you have questions about which birthing pool for home birth is right for you? Are you a birthing center or hospital interested in outfitting your facility with waterbirth tubs and other water birth supplies for birthing mothers? Visit the Waterbirth Solutions website or call toll-free 877-811-0238 and a member of the team will be happy to assist. Waterbirth International also provides complete consultations on setting up your water labor and birth program, from birth pool choices to education.  Contact us for more information about your project. 

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