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With waterbirth expert Barbara Harper

Planning a waterbirth

and want some inspiration and answers to practical questions?

Book a one-hour session with Barbara Harper, known the world over as the Waterbirth Guru. You can invite anyone to join you – your birth team, your best friend, the grandparents and enjoy a presentation about the safety of waterbirth, the practical issues, including when it is best to use the water for more support, and how the baby responds to being born in water. and have all your personal questions answered. Couples love the informal presentation and the beautiful video clips that are woven in.

Naomie Dillie


Barbara’s compassion and knowledge weave together science and practicality. I learned so much in one hour. It was worth every penny.



Sean, a fire chief in New York, preparing for a home birth, wrote that his family’s level of stress diminished by 90% afterward. 

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