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Exploring Birth Movements in Water

Exploration if different positions for waterbirth. (from The Complete Book of Pregnancy and cChildbirth by Sheila Kitzinger)

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Neonatal Outcomes of Waterbirth

In 2015, 9% of babies born in the UK were delivered underwater. Waterbirth is increasing in popularity, despite uncertainty regarding its safety for neonates. This systematic review and meta-analysis appraises the existing evidence for neonatal outcomes following waterbirth.

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The Effect of Waterbirth on Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity

The effect of waterbirth on neonatal mortality and morbidity: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The meta-analyses of 12 studies showed that for the majority of outcomes measured in this review there is little difference between waterbirth and landbirth groups.

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NHS Urges Home Births Over Hospitals

LONDON — Reversing a generation of guidance on childbirth, Britain’s National Health Service on Wednesday advised healthy women that it was safer to have their babies at home, or in a birth center, than in a hospital.

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Pregnant Pause – Midwife Delivers 50 Years Experience

The acceptance and popularity of midwives is growing in America – The Philadelphia Enquirer

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Cochrane – Immersion in Water in Labour and Birth (Review)

This review includes 12 trials (3243 women): eight related to just the first stage of labour: one to early versus late immersion in the first stage of labour; two to the first and second stages; and another to the second stage only. We identified no trials evaluating different baths/pools, or

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Seven Secrets of Successful Waterbirth

In this article published in Essentially MIDIRS. Barbara considers what constitutes a successful waterbirth.

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Harper – Helping Women Achieve What They Want in a Hospital

Today, with more and more media attention given to home birth, gentle birth and waterbirth, women across the country are asking how to get that type of experience in their local hospitals. Hospitals and providers have questions, too, and some places are actually changing to accommodate women’s choices.

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The Use of Water During Childbirth

MIDIRS overview of waterbirth practice and evidence.

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Waterbirths Comparative Study from Iran

Comparison of waterbirth with conventional vaginal delivery: A non-randomized controlled trial from Iran

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