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Live Online Education Registration

Thank you for registering for an online Waterbirth Certification and Education Course.
This course is taught live online by Barbara Harper.

You will need a high speed internet connection, headphones or ear buds that you can mute, and a built in video camera, if you want to be seen.

Users on Windows desktop or laptops must use Chrome or Firefox browsers   *Users on Chrome browser must upgrade the browser to version 28.0.1500.72 or above for better Audio/Video experience in the Virtual Classroom. 

The course has five and a half hours of PowerPoint presentation, videos and discussions.

There is typically a 20-30 minute break offered about half way through.  Be sure to have water and a comfortable chair.
You will be able to have all your questions answered.  Our online class room has a text box area as well as the ability for audio interaction.

Before the course begins we will send you an outline, bibliography and some articles to read.
After the course, you will receive an evaluation form.  Once we receive the evaluation form, we will send you a certificate of completion.

Email if you have any questions –