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Bretten Thomas – Hackettstown, NJ

“I went into labor at about 3:00 pm on Friday, June 15. Our first child took 30 hours to deliver, so I wasn’t in a rush to get to the hospital and risk multiple unnecessary interventions, but my contractions this time were more intense, right from the start. My husband called our midwife and when she and I spoke I couldn’t talk when contractions came, so she encouraged me to get to the hospital. When I arrived at about 6:00 pm, I was already 9.5 centimeters dilated. No wonder it hurt so much!

Fortunately, my midwife had read the situation correctly when we spoke on the phone and had the tub full of nice warm water and ready to go. She gently advised me that if I didn’t get in the tub right away, I might have the baby in the bed. At that point I barely cared, but with encouragement I made my way over to and into the water. Immediately, the pain lessened…it was still there but more manageable. Remarkably, I felt like I could stay ahead of the contractions-it was as if the jagged edges of each contraction were smoothed away by the warm water.

My midwife had a fetal monitor that she could use under the water to check on the baby. She checked the baby’s heartbeat and told me that he didn’t like my position so I moved to a different one, which made baby happier. My husband held my hand the entire time, which was very soothing. About 20 minutes later, Bretten was born. He gently floated up into my arms through the water. It was the most natural thing in the world. Suddenly, this beautiful boy was in my embrace, so calm and lovely, so quiet. It was a magical moment, his birth. I’m so glad I got in the tub!”

-Faith, mother of Bretten Thomas

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