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Gentle Birth Books by Barbara Harper

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In “Gentle Birth Choices” Barbara Harper helps parents to plan a meaningful, family-centered birth experience. The included DVD blends interviews with midwives and physicians and shows six actual births, including water birth, home birth, and vaginal birth. A powerful instructional tool for expectant parents, midwives, hospitals, birth centers, and doctors.


En Opciones para un parte suave, Barbara Harper, partera, enfermera y madre de tres hijos, define los elementos que debe tener un parto suave: apoyo de los seres queridos, ambiente apacible y tranquilizador y el mínimo de intervención médica. Muestra cómo planificar un parto significativo y familiar y analiza las muchas y diversas alternativas disponibles, incluyendo el dar a luz en un centro de alumbracmiento independiente, en casa o en el hospital; la búsqueda de la persona indicada para los primeros auxilios, que comparta nuestra filosofía acerca del parto, ya sea una partera, un doctor o ambos.



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Extremely Helpful

I appreciated this book because it gives a very nice history of birth, both from the medical side and that of midwifery. It also paints a beautiful picture of birth and really gives you a vision for a birth experience, not a set of do’s and don’ts.

A must for pregnant women!

If you want to be inspired and empowered in choosing the birth that’s best for you and your baby, this book is the perfect place to go. Ms. Harper is thorough and honest, she did her research and presents the facts in a way that is concise and easily understood, by even the newest, youngest mom. This book has the answers.
Amazon Customer

May Change Your Mind About Your Birth Choices

Excellent book! Absolutely changed my mind about the birth choices I had made – but not in a condemning way. I was prepared to have a hospital birth complete with epidural and all the other ‘bells and whistles’ and now I’m planning a home water-birth!! This book may change your thinking about birth, but in a good way.
Andrea Gaylor