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About Barbara Harper

Barbara Harper is an internationally recognized expert on waterbirth and gentle birth and a published author. She founded Waterbirth International in 1988, to ensure that waterbirth is an “available option” for all women. During the past four decades Barbara has worked as an obstetric, cardiac care and pediatric nurse, midwife, midwifery instructor, childbirth educator, doula and doula trainer, Blissborn Hypnosis Teacher Trainer and has used her vast experience to develop unique seminars which she teaches within hospitals, nursing schools, midwifery and medical schools and community groups worldwide. She was recognized in 2002 by Lamaze International for her contributions in promoting normal birth on an international level. Barbara has taught seminars and courses in 63 countries. Her bestselling book and DVD, ‘Gentle Birth Choices,’ has been translated into 9 languages, including the new Mandarin edition released in 2016. She is actively working on her next book ‘Embracing the Miracle: The Science, Safety and Spirit of Birth.’ Barbara has dedicated her life to changing the way we welcome babies into the world. She has three adult children, two of whom were born at home in water, and one grandson in college. She lives in Boca Raton, Florida, where she is active in the community as a volunteer and as a midwifery and doula mentor.

Waterbirth Certification Tour-Spain 2017

Lunch time tour of the new waterbirth room at the Hospital Del Mar, Barcelona, during the May 2017 Professional Waterbirth Certification Course for midwives and doctors. 2017 Spain Waterbirth Certification Tour As the educational Director of Waterbirth International, I toured six cities in Spain this May, offering Professional Waterbirth Certification Courses in [...]